About Us


Who We Are

FARIS is a technology institute in Ethiopia working in the fields of AI and Aersospace and the first private institute to provide trainings in the fields of Robotics Progamming, Space Education , Rocketry and other STEM courses.

Our Visions

  • Solving problems through science and technology  Aerospace, Aeronautics, STEM and Robotics. We aim to create a developed and civilized  Ethiopia.
  • Establishing space research center and building a mega training center for outstanding students. dedicated to developing a space satellite for our country Ethiopia.


Our Skill

We majorly focus on the areas of AI and Aerospace with a dedicated team to each field.
We also provide trainings in the areas of Robotics , Programming ,Designing,Rocketry and other STEM courses with a package prepared for all age groups,explaining the the fundmental concepts with a fun and easy way. 

What We Do

AI And Aerospace Projects. We work on systems that best fit our societies need and attempt to solve some of the problems they  face integrating machine learning and AI in our systems. In the field of aerospace we are working towards designing and launching our very own satellite for the purposes of climate monitoring.

What we do

FARIS mind Fitness lab is a project based, hands‐on learning solution. providing students with the necessary tools to understand the basics key concepts of STEM Education, Space science and Robotics through hands-on project based learning. We provide Space science, robotics, rocketry and STEM workshops for Students, schools and for kids, that will inspire the next generation of Innovators, creators, inventors and problem solvers.

FARIS mind Fitness lab can help students proceed in to the next level of education as technology experts and can be easily integrated seamlessly into the school system. If you are a parent of a child(ren) with strong interests in computers and robots or a teacher looking for something interesting for STEM or Computing. you are in the right place

Our Mission

The mission of FARIS is “Inspiring the scientist of Tomorrow for our country and Africa”.

Our Goal

The goal of our Academy is to Ignite, through STEM Education & Robotics, the desire in young minds for learning math, science, and engineering concepts t through a series of hands-on applications of that help them exercise their problem-solving and creative skills in a fun and exciting learning environment.

Our Collaboration

  • Space Kidz India (SKI)
  • Smart Robotics congress 2018 Germany
  • Space Development Nexus 
  • Oromia Science and technology development agency


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