Our Projects

The FARIS Project Team Is Split into two groups the Aerospace And AI Team


MEGA Cube Sat

The name M.E.G.A is a short hand writing of “Make Ethiopia Great Again”, which transcends our vision of making our country known in the science, Technology and Innovation. The Project plans to develop a mini cube Sat satellite for academic and research purposes. This project have two major goals

Goal 1

The MegaCube project aims to initiate a satellite platform for future scientific missions which can be used for academic and space research purposes.

Goal 2

The vision of the CubeSat Program is to facilitate development, and train students as well as increase the interest for science and space technology in Ethiopia.

Young & Talented!

This traditional approach to teaching has fostered inadequate candidates and professionals who lack, not only the ability to perform certain tasks, but also the character to persist through problem solving and critical thinking. But we are falling behind peer countries in STEM. In fact, several issues arise to start  STEM academics in our country context. some of which is viability, development and implementation of STEM education, School STEM curriculum and many more.

Young & Talented is STEM development and Implementation project aims to orchestrate many programs & strategies to support our countries science education. one of our major plan is to give trainings for high school students through hands on projects.

Another major plan is Nation Wide STEM competition for high school and university students. under this sub project, we have Math League and Innovation Champ. The Math league will be a year long Mathematics only competition starting from district level to national math competition.  Innovation champ will involve students who innovate different inventions for a challenge and will host annual innovation championship.

MindET VR Platform

The name MindEt is a short hand writing of Ethiopian Mind, which implies our great thinking ability as a country. The MindEt platform is web-based and Mobile application platform, which acts as an education and presentation Virtual Reality platform. It allows its students to immerse and experience subjects that needs further illustration and visualization together with multiple other users from different part of Ethiopia around in a safe virtual environment, regardless of geographical location or region.

The platform seeks to offer improvements in how students acquire knowledge and experience learning in a whole new way by utilizing VR technologies. The MindEt VR platform has been designed to simplify the visualization of complicated and hardly understood subjects by designing different 3d showcases.

we believe that a key feature of MindEt VR platform is the ability for educators and trainers to use the software to create their own VR lessons and presentations on using VR tools provided by the FARIS or third parties through MindEt. therefore we provides a cost-effective solution to educators and collages for creating their own VR lessons and training. Alternatively, FARIS can be commissioned by educators to create educational or training content for sharing through the MindEt platform.

NASA Human Explorer Rover Challenge

Each year the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge features an engineering design challenge to engage students worldwide in the next phase of human space exploration.

The annual event is a more complex follow-up to the successful NASA Great Moon-buggy Race. The competition challenges high school and college students to create a vehicle designed to traverse the simulated surface of another world.

During its 20-year run,the Great Moon-buggy Race engaged more than 10,000 students and demonstrated that these budding scientists and engineers were capable of complex work. The Rover Challenge will inspire participants to become the engineers to design NASA’s next-generation space systems.

The competition entails the designing, engineering and manufacturing of a rover model to be used in mars human exploration.

We are the first African team to participate in this event. We take a part as “TEAM AFRICA.” We are representing our country Ethiopia and Africa in the way never seen before in global science and technology competition for the first time. 

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