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FARIS Center of Innovation

FARIS lab is a project based, handson training center, providing students with the necessary tools to understand the basics key concepts of STEM Education, Space science and Robotics through hands-on project based learning, Located at Holy city center, Gurd shola, Addis Ababa.
We provide Space science, robotics, rocketry, AI and STEM workshops for Students, schools and for kids, that will inspire the next generation of Innovators, creators, inventors and problem solvers. FARIS lab can help students proceed in to the next level of education as technology experts and can be easily integrated seamlessly into the school system.

Faris specialized in Space science, Robotics, Rocketry,  STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Artificial Intelligence. We give more emphasize on the 21 century skills and project based learning. Our school or more of the training center is serving students in the fields of STEM education and Robotics. Our courses structured in consideration of the students age, class and interest.

We are expanding our innovation lab presence into different cities of Ethiopia. To reach the underserved school communities in the rural areas. By partnering with key stakeholders in our education system, we believe we can drive a positive change on the education system.  To show this belief in action, We are opening our on campus  STEM & Innovation Center at Ambo University. Our Collaboration will give access, not only for the Ambo University Students but also for the Ambo high and primary schools students.


In a country like Ethiopia, students doesn’t need a longer time in school rather they should get adequate and practical every-day-life connected Education. We offer our service on developing and sustaining programs that provide engaging and enriching extended learning experiences, particularly for those students most at risk for failure or under-performance during the traditional school day.

Our After-school programs offer unique opportunities to engage students in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Programs that includes intentional activities in these subject areas, particularly in science and technology, can cultivate student interest in STEM, promote knowledge acquisition, develop critical thinking skills, and advance academic school goals.

Workshops for Schools

We use robots to teach students programming and important computational thinking skills. With a range of kits that progress with your students; they are inspired, engaged and get better results.

Workshops for Kids

Looking to enhance your kid’s education? Our creativity room & STEM robotics sessions are great for kids to make friends and learn new skills


Want to build your own kit? We've chosen only the best kits in our shop. Anything that's fun and useful, you'll find here.

Teacher Training

The curriculum keeps changing. So what's the answer? Stay up to date and keep learning. Our training is different, we guide you as you learn and we'll have you up to speed in a few months. And, yes, its affordable.

After-School Programs

We also provide After School program in which we insert our program into an existing or a new after school program at your school for kids in the computer lab.

In-school sessions

Hands-on science, STEM and robotics activities can greatly enhance classroom experience in line with the school Curriculum. Our tech teachers work on site with you at your school on a weekly basis as the main instructor of a class, or in concert with your computer lab instructor

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